Spicy Kenyan Sambusas

You can't just have one! In fact, they are so good we are thinking of selling them! These vegan Kenyan Sambusas are a great treat to snack on throughout the day or make a meal out of. This recipe is packed with healthy ingredients and does not leave flavor behind. Once you figure out how to stuff the dumplings, it is smooth sailing. We modified Katie Aubin and Kiano Moju's recipe to work with Skillet-Ready Ground Walnut.

Makes about 15 Sambusas


2 tablespoons of olive oil

1 lbs Skillet-Ready Ground Walnut

1 jalapeno, minced

1 teaspoon ground coriander

1 teaspoon cumin

1 cup frozen peas, defrosted

2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, minced

1 package of square spring roll wrappers

3 cups of canola oil

1 lime


  1. Heat olive oil under medium heat in a large nonstick skillet. Add Skillet-Ready Ground Walnut spreading it out in the pan. Cook for about 7 minutes.

  2. Stir in the jalapeno, coriander, and cumin. Cook for about 2 minutes.

  3. Add in the peas and cilantro. Cook for about 2 minutes and remove from heat.

  4. If the spring roll wrappers are not already cut into small squares, cut wrappers into 2 - 3 inch squares. Lightly coat 2 adjacent edges of the wrapper with water. Overlap the 2 wet adjacent edges of the wrapper. Press together and form into a cone. Spoon filling into the wrapper. Wet the top flap of the wrapper and fold over and press closed.

  5. Heat canola oil in a large, deep pan to 350 F. Place 4 sambusas in the oil flipping once golden. Remove from pan and place on a tea towel or paper towel.

  6. Top with lime juice and enjoy!